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Services Business Software

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Serv is a business solution prequalified by SPRING Singapore and eligible for $5000 ICV grant.



Contact Number

Drive Sales


Close sales of services faster with pre-defined job templates and a dynamic scheduler

Manage Customers


Keep customers happy with detailed service history & automated SMS reminders

Save Time


Simple features like postal code lookup and instant job scheduling save you valuable time

Fast Invoicing


Get paid faster with single-click Invoicing. Integration with your accounting software avoids repetitive work

Earn More


Real-time job updates from field technicians means you can take up more jobs and earn more

Go Mobile


Serv App on smartphones & tablets helps you manage employees, take photos of jobs, and much more


Keep track of daily jobs, employee whereabouts, and assign jobs to
available service employees instantly with Serv web platform

Your employees can now instantly receive job notifications and
update job details on the ground immediately

Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV)


“What is this grant?”

The Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) is a $5000 grant for SME’s to spur adoption of easy to adopt productivity solutions. The emphasis is on technology solutions which can be used by SME’s quickly and effectively to save time, lower costs, increase revenues and thus increase productivity.

“How can Serv help?”

We have a great team who has helped several companies improve their operations, and increase sales by using the Serv platform. We assist SME’s through the entire ICV process from assisting in application, to the claims process. You are in good hands!

“Why should I care about Productivity?”

Everyone should care about Productivity because it is one of the key drivers of the economy and a sustainable growth. Reducing manual processes and automation is one of the ways to do this, and grow your business. You can read more on that here –

“Ok, so I don’t need to pay anything?”

The way ICV works is – once the application is approved, the project has to be completed and the payment made in full to the pre-qualified vendor (us), before SPRING can process the claims. This also ensures that SME’s are invested in the change they bring about in their company.

“Why so little money, only $5000?”

The philosophy behind ICV is to allow SME’s to try and change their existing processes using technology and automation, at a rapid pace. This requires the solution not to be overly complicated, and hence does not cost as much. If the SME requirements, are more extensive – other SPRING grants can be applied for as well – as required. We can assist with this.

“I want to sign up, what next?”

Congratulations, on making a smart decision! Get in touch with us, by dropping your details in the form above and we will get back to you within the next day! If you are in a hurry – give our friendly Serv expert – Hayden a call @ +65-98397057. You can also mail us –